Dear Glasgow Group Client

Although we’re larger, we offer the same personalized attention and follow-through you received as a client of the Glasgow Group.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the merger of Technology Trends Group and the Glasgow Group.

Our expanded organization will be able to provide even greater value to your organization.

The two firms’ strengths, philosophy and business values have always been highly complementary, and our combined skills and resources will enable us to provide an even broader set of services and industry expertise. And although we’re now a larger company with more diverse resources, I’m confident you’ll find that we offer the same level of personalized attention and careful follow-through that you received as a client of the Glasgow Group.

I am also pleased to say that, after overseeing his own firm for almost three decades, Richard Glasgow will continue to provide the same types of expert assistance for which you have relied on him. We’re excited about the additional insights he brings in the areas of telephony, messaging, cabling infrastructure, and technology assessment and planning, as well as his deep understanding of the specific challenges that law firms and associations encounter in these areas.

Even better news is that you can count on Technology Trends Group to provide an even wider range of subject matter expertise in mobile, wireless, and voice communication, video teleconferencing and other technology areas. We also offer deep expertise into technology project management, including the strategy and logistics involved in successful migration of telephony and networking assets during relocation or renovation. Just as Richard did at the Glasgow Group, we also offer complete vendor neutrality, allowing us to serve as your trusted advocate.

On behalf of the entire staff, we look forward to continuing, and even strengthening, our relationship with your organization.

Warmest regards,

Sara Uzel
Senior Consultant, Principal

Richard J. Glasgow
Senior Consultant