Contact Centers

Helping clients optimize Contact Center operations and results

Contact Centers have enormous potential for helping organizations better serve their constituents, customers and other stakeholders. At TTG, we have extensive expertise in helping clients maximize the benefits that Contact Center technology can deliver.

We provide services in four key areas:

  • Strategic Business Planning — We conduct comprehensive requirements assessments to understand business goals and objectives. We also collaborate to create effective workflows that address all desired customer touchpoints, maximize internal and external communication channels, and establish tight business change management controls. To help enhance the customer experience, this analysis also encompasses a detailed Technology Roadmap. TTG then delivers a detailed presentation for senior management delineating “quick wins,” recommendations, and next steps to align the Technology Roadmap with operational efficiencies.
  • New Systems Evaluation and Selection — We help organizations decide whether to add or replace Contact Center technology. This process includes assessing business requirements through stakeholder meetings, reviewing existing customer contact channels, and conducting side-by-side observations of Contact Center employees. We also assist in the development of detailed RFPs, help evaluate bids and present recommendations to management.
  • Design and Implementation — Contact Centers generally require the integration of diverse applications and solutions. TTG works to weave together all of the many disparate technologies to create a solution that enables a seamless and transparent customer experience. To help our clients support the applications going forward, we also provide extensive customized agent and supervisor training, as well as outstanding knowledge transfer documentation.
  • Strategic Operational Assessment — When a client is experiencing problems with its Contact Center, we can find the root causes and make recommendations. Depending on your needs, we can review programming and technology, customer touchpoints, and interactions between the Contact Center and other critical back-office and administrative functions. Based on our findings, we present our observations and recommendations to management, prioritizing the next steps to align the Technology Roadmap with operational efficiencies.

Count on TTG’s Contact Center experience and insight

Whether you’re seeking to reduce costs, enhance customers’ experience, or overcome operational inefficiencies, count on TTG’s specialists for the experience needed to help your Contact Center succeed. To learn more, please contact us.