Cable Plant

Cable Plant design solutions for trouble-free operations

At TTG, our Cable Plant Design practice helps clients create a physical infrastructure that fits their logical network design. As a result, clients benefit from cabling infrastructure that works not just today or next year, but for the length of their lease.

A well-designed cable plant system offers a variety of advantages and possibilities. For example, by taking the time to adequately assess current and future network requirements, we design a cable plant to enhance an organization’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. This allows an organization to power devices ranging from phones and wireless access points to cameras, signage, building security, lighting, and more.

Simplifying cabling maintenance

We also have substantial experience with the alternative to standard Ethernet cabling used in network infrastructure: Passive Optical LAN (POL). Solutions featuring POL technology simplify any future network modifications and reduce costs for power and cooling.

In addition to conducting a thorough review of a client’s cable plant design, TTG can also help by preparing detailed AutoCAD drawings of outlet layouts, Telecom Room layouts, rack elevations, and installation details. We also provide recommendations and specifications for all related conduits, sleeves, power outlets, Telecom Room HVAC requirements, server rack/cabinets, and riser cable termination points. To learn more about how TTG can help your organization upgrade its cabling infrastructure, please contact us.