Voice Systems

Smarter ways to select and maintain your voice communication technology

At TTG, we help our client find and procure the voice system and configuration that best meets their needs.

One of the most essential decisions we can facilitate is whether to have a voice system that is premise-based, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

For example, a cloud-based voice system such as VoIP can be not only less expensive to operate than premise-based phone services, but can also function as part of a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution, addressing many business needs simultaneously. On the other hand, premise-based systems offer advantages over cloud-based solutions, such as being able to operate even during an internet outage. At TTG, we help you choose the system that works best for your specific needs.

Pay only for circuits and lines you need

Another of our core services is auditing telecom invoices to identify and eliminate unnecessary charges. We specialize in acting as our client’s agent to review all existing phone contracts, determine current usage levels and expected growth of telecom needs, and then negotiate better deals or arrange for the re-compete of certain services.

We typically begin by learning about our client’s current telephony needs and resources, and then carefully review invoices to identify trends, anomalies, and duplicate or unnecessary charges. By fixing the problem of “ghost lines” — voice lines that for whatever reason are never used — we not only eliminate unnecessary charges but also give the organization a more accurate picture of its current telephony resources. It’s not uncommon for a client to realize 15-20% in monthly savings through the telecom auditing process.

A client can realize 15-20% in monthly savings through the telecom auditing process.

We also arrange for bills that had been separate to be consolidated, giving the client better visibility into its entire monthly spend. Last but not least, we follow up to make certain that any lines identified for disconnection are in fact removed.

Our highly focused auditing services provide our client with a simplified telephony structure — and more importantly, ongoing cost savings. To learn more about our voice line auditing services, please contact us.


Case Study — Simplifying the Complex

TTG helped an internationally renowned nonprofit merge and modernize its complex array of 75 phone systems. Our careful evaluation and budget analysis of various alternatives included Total Cost of Ownership, Technical Comparison, Gap Analysis, and Operational Impact Reviews.