IT Project Management

Managing the countless details of complex IT projects

Having the right Information Technology (IT) in place can deliver amazing capabilities for an organization — but achieving this is far easier said than done. At TTG, IT project management is one of our core service areas, and our people are experts at overseeing even the most complex projects.

IT projects we manage for clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Conversion to VoIP or other cloud-based voice solutions
  • Migration of data to the cloud
  • Software upgrades and conversions
  • Upgrading wired and wireless networks
  • Distributed Antenna Systems procurement and support
  • And many others

A focus on meeting goals

We’re especially effective at overseeing the many interrelated elements of IT projects, from budgets and timelines to specific deliverables and work products. We have a deep understanding of how much is riding on each of our clients’ IT projects, and the experience needed to keep them on track.

In addition, project managing the complex IT issues encountered in office relocations is one of our areas of specialization. Managing relocations can be a complex, high-stakes process, with conflicting priorities, inflexible dates and other constraints, and we excel at the task. We’ve even created a free guide to help organizations sort through some of the many questions that can arise when preparing for a relocation.

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In one engagement, our IT project management services helped a client expand its mobile device inventory by 26% — and at the same time, decrease related costs.