Data Centers

Advanced, requirements-driven Data Center planning

At TTG, we specialize in helping clients assess their current data center facility or main distribution frame (MDF) and make recommendations to improve flexibility, reliability and performance.

Our systematic approach begins with asking detailed questions about the current data center and reviewing all relevant documentation. We conduct a thorough examination of all cabinets and equipment, detailing all power and cooling requirements. The resulting list is reviewed for equipment that needs to be replaced, upgraded or decommissioned, and also for logical cabinet layouts based on equipment functionality.

Attention to detail

Based on our understanding of the client’s Data Center needs, we prepare detailed elevations showing our recommendations for all cabinets and equipment, as well as for electrical, HVAC and cabling requirements. To create an effective level of resiliency and redundancy, we discuss the client’s runtime needs for various electrical systems, including generators and UPS equipment.

In addition, we can help our client prepare RFPs for Data Center or MDF upgrades, evaluate bids and oversee installation projects. Our focus is on helping our clients develop the data center they need for optimal, continuous operations. To learn more about our planning capabilities, please contact us.